Africa's Capital Cities, Including Kenya's rolex watches prices in south africa

Africa's Capital Cities By Anouk Zijlma

Updated 01/13/17

Share Pin Email 01 of 45 Algiers, Algeria ••• Algiers, Algeria's capital city, North Africa. © Andrew Gunners/Getty Images

Images, Facts and Travel Information -- Capital Cities in Africa

Capital cities in Africa are listed below along with images, facts and travel information. There are 54 official countries in Africa and 2 disputed countries (Western Sahara and Somaliland). Each African country has at least one capital city, ( see quick list ). Some countries have a de facto capital and an administrative capital. The capitals vary widely in size, the largest African city is Cairo , with an estimated population of 17 million living in its metropolitan area. Maseru, Lesotho's capital has a population of 14,000.

African capitals are not necessarily the largest cities in their respective countries nor the most populated. Nigeria is a good example. Lagos is a city of almost 8 million people whereas the official capital, Abuja , has a population of just 700,000.

Many of Africa's capitals are generally not places of interest for the average tourist. But most of the international airports are based there, as well ... MORE as embassies, major hospitals, large hotels and banks.


Basic Facts about Algiers Algiers is the capital city of Algeria in North Africa. Algiers is located on a bay of the Mediterranean Sea and is an important port. Algiers was first settled over 1000 years ago and has now grown to a large city with a metropolitan population of over 3 million. While downtown Algiers looks modern, the capital is struggling to keep up with rapid growth and standards of living for most of its population is very poor. Algiers has also been marred by violence in the past decade. A civil war which started in 1991 has destroyed much of the country. In recent times things have quietened down yet two bombs exploded in the capital in December 2007. The bombings were linked to al-Qaeda.

Algiers is known locally as El-Djazaïr and the residents speak Berber, Arabic and French.

Claim to Fame Algiers is the backdrop to one of my favorite movies , Battle for Algiers (1965). It's a riveting movie documenting the battle for independence in Algeria (from France) during the 1950's.

Travel to Algiers Algiers is not a tourist hotspot and the US State Department warns against travel to certain parts of the country. In Algiers, most of the interesting sights are in the old part of the city known as the Casbah or Medina . The travelers that do make it to Algiers are impressed with the very friendly and hospitable people. The old French buildings, the promenade along the seafront and the food also get good ratings.

Algiers Travel Resources Algiers Travel Guide from LexicOrient Blog post from a recent traveler to Algiers in August 2008. Algiers Travel Blog, 2002 by Jelena. Includes lots of photos and practical travel tips.

Sources and More About Algiers Algiers from Wikipedia Algiers from

Continue to 2 of 45 below. 02 of 45 Antananarivo, Madagascar ••• Antananarivo, Madagascar's capital city, Indian Ocean. © Keren Su/Getty Images

Basic Facts About Antananarivo Antananarivo (Tana) is the capital city of Madagascar and the largest city on this big island in the Indian Ocean. The city is situated inland, about 90 miles from the East coast. Antananarivo was founded in the early 1600's and its position on top of a high ridge made it easy to defend against enemy attack. Antananarivo means "the city of a thousand", a reference to the 1000 soldiers that supposedly protected the newly founded city during the reign of the revered King Andrianjaka. In 1895, the French took over and expanded it greatly to include many new buildings and roads. Madagascar gained its independence from the French in 1960. Today, Antananarivo has a population of about 1.4 million people.

Claim to Fame Tana will surprise you with its rice paddies, pollution, Asian looks, numerous stairs up steep hills, palaces, cobbled streets and churches. This is not Africa or Asia, Madagascar is totally unique.

Travel to Antananarivo Most people traveling to ... MORE Madagascar will arrive in the capital since the international airport is situated there. Antananarivo is a bustling place with lots of churches, a mosque, a zoo and plenty of markets called Zomas . The capital is basically built on 12 hills and steep steps lead to the main Independence square in the town center. The architecture is a mixture of old wooden houses, modern offices and French colonial style buildings. The best way to see Tana is to walk around and take taxis. Many visitors take a taxi up to the Rova in the Upper Town and walk around from there. The Tsimbazaza Botanical and Zoological Park houses some of Madagascar's unique flora and fauna including lemurs. Tana is somewhat typical of many cities in a developing country: lots of poverty, pollution, and crumbling infrastructure interspersed with modern cafes, restaurants and shops selling western goods.

Antananarivo Travel Resources Local Tana Resident's Travel Guide - on Virtual Tourist. Antananrivo Travel Guide - from Travel Africa Magazine. Antananarivo Travel Blogs - find out what travelers are saying about Tana right now. Antananarivo Hotel Reviews - from Tripadvisor.

Sources and More Information Antananarivo, Madagascar - Wikipedia Antananarivo - Escape Artist

Continue to 3 of 45 below. 03 of 45 Nairobi, Kenya ••• Nairobi, Kenya's capital city, East Africa. © Robert Harding Basic Facts about Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and East Africa's most populous city (3.5 million). Nairobi was founded in 1899 as a railway stop en route to Mombasa. Within a decade it grew to become the capital of British East Africa and became Kenya's capital after independence in 1963. Nairobi is a major business hub and many Aid agencies headquarter here as well. Nairobi has a modern city center, some beautiful suburbs, as well as Africa's largest slum . The city is built on a plateau and it stays pleasantly cool year round. Both English and (ki)Swahili are widely spoken. See Top 10 Nairobi Attractions...

Claim to Fame

Nairobi's crime rate is quite high and the US Government warns travelers to visit with care. On a lighter note, Nairobi is unique in having a very good wildlife park situated just 5 miles from the city center.


Travel to Nairobi

Nairobi is a major travel hub and most people stay for a night or two in transit . Getting around the city is easy by taxi, matatu o ... MORE r tuk-tuk .

Nairobi has many interesting sights including :


Nairobi National Park is one of Kenya's most successful black rhino sanctuaries, it also has its own wildebeest migration as well as over 400 species of bird. Good museums include the National Museum , the Karen Blixen Museum (of Out of Africa fame) and the Kenya Railway Museum . Carnivore Restaurant offers wildly interesting dishes. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust houses elephant and rhino orphans. Nairobi Slum Tours -- for those interested in seeing how most of the city's inhabitants live.

See all Top 10 Nairobi Attractions ...

Where to Stay in Nairobi

Recommended hotels include the luxurious boutique hotel Ngong House , where you can stay in a tree house, or the ultra modern Tribe Hotel . The family owned Fairview Hotel is the best mid-range option, and the tiny Miit Mingi Guesthouse for budget travelers. If you want to avoid the city center, check out Nairobi Tented Camp , just 15 minutes from Wilson airport and situated in the heart of Nairobi National Park. Around the leafy suburbs of Karen, there are some excellent boutique hotel options including: House of Waine , and Giraffe Manor . The Panari Hotel and the EKA Hotel are both close to the international airport. Click here for a list of my recommended hotels in Nairobi.


Nairobi has many restaurants serving a wide variety of cuisines. For people-watching grab a snack at the Thorn Tree Cafe. Fresh seafood can be had at Tamarind , and French cuisine at Alan Bobbe's Bistro . Of course the Carnivore Restaurant is perfect for meat lovers.


Nairobi city tours are a good option for those worried about their personal safety. Sources and More Info Nairobi's Top 10 Attractions Nairobi, Kenya -- Wikipedia Nairobi Guide -- African Mecca Nairobi Travel Blogs Nairobi Street Map Kenya Travel Guide Continue to 4 of 45 below. 04 of 45 Cairo, Egypt's Capital City ••• Image of the rooftops of Cairo, Egypt. David Hutchinson

Basic Facts About Cairo Cairo is the capital and largest city in Egypt , North Africa. More than 17 million people live greater Cairo which makes it Africa's most populated city. About 8 million people live in the city proper. Egypt is Africa's most popular tourist destination and most visitors will spend at least a day or two in Cairo. Cairo is situated on the banks of the Nile River in Northern Egypt.

Claim to Fame Cairo has been a tourist destination for thousands of years because on the outskirts of this great city you'll find the last remaining ancient wonder of the world, the Pyramids of Giza and of course the Sphynx.

Travel to Cairo Cairo is not for the faint of heart. Traffic lights are routinely ignored and donkey carts still vie with cars for the right of way. Mosques and minarets mingle uneasily with gleaming skyscrapers. Cairo is a shoppers paradise (if you like to bargain), an archaeologists' fantasy, and a drivers' nightmare; Cairo is all of these and more. Follow the ... MORE links below for more information.

Travel Information about Cairo

When to go and what to see in Cairo Pyramids and the Sphynx Shopping in Cairo Getting around Cairo and Where to Stay Photos of Cairo Continue to 5 of 45 below. 05 of 45 Kigali, Rwanda ••• Kigali, City Center, Rwanda's capital City. © Anouk Zijlma Basic Facts about Kigali

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda . Kigali is Rwanda's biggest city with a population of 850,000, it's also the commercial capital of the country. Kigali was founded by the Germans in 1907 but only became Rwanda's capital when the country became independent (from Belgium) in 1962. Kigali was at the center of the horrendous genocide that took place in 1994 which took the lives of 800,000 people and displaced many more in the space of just 100 days.

Since 1994, Kigali has slowly been rebuilt and income from tourism (mostly coming to see the gorillas ) as well as numerous aid workers have buoyed the capital's economy. Kigali is a relatively safe and sophisticated small city, it has come a long way in a short time. Kigali is a pretty city which sprawls over several hills, its avenues are filled with flowering trees and it is surrounded by lush green mountains.

In Kigali you'll hear people speaking Kinyarwanda, English, and French.

Travel to Kigali

Kigali is often the ... MORE first stop for tourists coming to see the gorillas in the Parc National Des Volcans (about 3 hrs drive from Kigali). Flights into the capital arrive from Brussels, Nairobi , Entebbe, Addis Ababa, Kilimanjaro, and Johannesburg. Tourists also arrive in Kigali by long-distance bus from Uganda . Kigali has a few interesting sights easily reached by taxi, they include:

Kigali Genocide Memorial Center contains a permanent exhibition of the genocide. The center is built on a site where over 250,000 people are buried. Caplaki - market stalls where you can shop for woodcarvings, drums, baskets and ceramics. Prices start high, so be prepared to bargain. The Dancing Pots - offers visitors a chance to buy some Batwa pottery and learn more about the Twa people. Kigali Travel Resources Recommended hotels: Hotel des Milles Collines (the actual Hotel Rwanda ), an upscale choice and one of the best hotels in Kigali. Another good high-end hotel is the Kigali Serena . The Hotel Gorillas and Hotel Chez Lando are good mid-range options. The Lonely Planet Guide likes the Kigali Hotel for those on a budget. Recommended restaurants: Aux Caprices du Palais for French cuisine; Addis Ethiopian for Ethiopian dishes; India Khazana (Tel: 08499600 ) and La Sierra for Indian food; and Sol e Luna for some Italian. City Tours are offered for around $20 per person, check with your hotel for more information. Sources and More Info

Rwanda Tourism Official Site Wikitravel on Kigali Kigali Restaurant Blog Lonely Planet

Continue to 6 of 45 below. 06 of 45 Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's Capital City ••• Dar es Salaam, facts and infomation Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's Capital city. Tanzania Tourism Board

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's capital city and the largest city in the country. Located in southern Tanzania on coast of the Indian Ocean, Dar is a bustling, chaotic place, filled with life and color. Get your facts and information about Dar es Salaam below the image.

Dar es Salaam is primarily a port city in southern Tanzania , located on a huge natural harbor. "Dar es Salaam" means "haven of peace", but you'll find with almost 3 million people calling the city home, it's not exactly tranquil. Dar es Salaam it is the economic heart of the country, the high rise business district buzzes with activity throughout the day. The government was officially moved to Dodoma in the center of Tanzania in the 1970's, but Dar es Salaam is the true capital and the central government by and large still operates from here. Visitors to Dar es Salaam are usually en route to Tanzania's fantastic southern national parks including the Selous and Ruaha, or catching a ferry to the exotic Zanzibar archipelago.

The ... MORE best time to visit Dar es Salaam is during the dry season from June - October, otherwise temperatures can get very hot and humid (but you can always dip in the Ocean).

Dar es Salaam's Top Attractions The easiest way to see Dar es Salaam's attractions is by taxi, unless you've been in the country a while and know how to figure out the mini-bus taxi system which is cheaper. There aren't a lot of major attractions, but if you've been on the road for a while, Dar offers the chance to get some good food, stock up on supplies and swim in a nice hotel pool. Take a walk in the older parts of town to check out the German and British colonial buildings. Shopping for cloth and t-shirts is fun in the Asian district northwest of the main drag Samora Avenue. Arts and craft shops are plentiful too, check out Nyumba ya sanaa (the Mwalimu Nyerere Cultural Center). For some original Tingatinga paintings, head to the Tingatinga Center on Haile Selassie Road. The Mwenge Carver's Market is great if you like wood carvings.

The National Museum - From fossils to cars, this museum has a little bit of everything that touches upon Tanzania's history. Some of the early hominid findings courtesy of the Leakeys are on display here (some from the Olduvai site in Northern Tanzania). There are also cultural displays from the various tribes that make up modern Tanzania. Kariakoo market - Lively central market that takes up several city blocks, with people selling everything from vegetables to school bags. Fish Market - Guaranteed to be a lively morning when you head to the fish market and watch the daily catch come in. If you'd like to escape town and snorkel in the Ocean, check out Bongoyo Island, part of a marine reserve. You can catch a boat out to the island (30 minutes) from the Mashua Waterfront Bar & Grill at Slipway, north of the city center in the Msasani Peninsula. It's wonderful for snorkeling and chilling on the beach.

Where To Stay in Dar es Salaam There are plenty of hotels in the city center to choose from. If you'd prefer to be out of the urban hubbub, check out the luxurious Ras Kutani just south of the city on the coast, or the Amani Beach Hotel . Just north of the city, have a peek at The Retreat , a very nice boutique hotel on the beach.

Budget/Mid-range hotel options include: Jambo Inn Hotel , Palm Beach Hotel , Mediterraneo Hotel , Swiss Garden Hotel , and Hotel Slipway .

High-end hotels include: Dar es Salaam Serena Hotel , The Kilimanjaro , Hotel Sea Cliff and Oyster Bay (north of city)

Where to Eat and Drink in Dar es Salaam Travelers and expatriates favorite pub is either O' Willie's or the Slipway pub. The best rooftop bar is the "Level 8" on the roof of the Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel. You can get all kinds of cuisines in Dar es Salaam, good Ethiopian at Addis in Dar and upscale Indian food at Nawabi Khana (but there's lots of good Indian food to get in the Asian neighborhood for cheaper). Japanese/Thai food is excellent at the Oriental .

Traditional dances are held at the Mwalimu Julius K Nyerere Cultural Center every weekend. For more on what's happening in Dar check out Dar 411 .

Getting to Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam's Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) lies 10 km out of town. Daily flights come in from Europe on KLM, BA and Swissair. Middle East options include Emirates and Qatar. Regional airlines that fly in daily include Kenya Airways, Ethiopian, EgyptAir, and South African Airways. Domestic flights are well served by Precision Air .

If you are traveling by bus, Scandinavian Express has daily service to Nairobi (Kenya), Kampala (Uganda) and Arusha (northern Tanzania). The main express bus terminal is on Msimbazi Road, on the corner of Nyerere Road, in central Dar es Salaam.

Ferries to and from Zanzibar : There are several daily high-speed ferries from the port in Dar es Salaam to Stonetown on Zanzibar. The trip takes about an hour and a half and tickets can be bought on the spot from the ticket office (or touts) for US Dollars. You need your passport as authorities will ask to check it.

There is a very limited train service out of Dar es Salaam, but fun if you can get on it and have the time! Tazara trains run between Dar es Salaam and Mbeya (handy to get to the border of Malawi and Zambia). The Tanzania Railway Corporation (TRC) runs the other railway line and you can travel from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma and Mwanza; and also along the Kaliua-Mpanda and Manyoni-Singida Branch Lines. See Seat 61 's passenger-train schedules to find out when the trains run.

More Tanzania travel tips ...

Sources and More about Dar es Salaam Lonely Planet Guide to Tanzania Dar 411 Wikitravel - Dar es Salaam Tripadvisor, Dar es Salaam Tanzania Travel Guide Tanzania's Top Attractions Africa's Capital Cities

Continue to 7 of 45 below. 07 of 45 Harare, Zimbabwe ••• Harare Guide Below Harare, Zimbabwe's capital city, Southern Africa. © Denny Allen Basic Facts about Harare

Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe in southern Africa. Harare is Zimbabwe's biggest city with a population of around 2 million; it's also the commercial capital of the country. The British founded the city in 1890 and called it Salisbury. When Zimbabwe gained independence in the early 1980's, the name was changed to Harare after a Shona chief, Neharawa .

Harare is a fairly cosmopolitan capital, with an excellent climate. It's easy to walk around central Harare, there are lots of shops, parks, banks and restaurants in the city-center as well as high-rise office buildings. There are nicely maintained suburbs where the wealthier folks live along with several golf courses. The outskirts of Harare are filled with townships that are home to most of Harare's workers.

Shona, Sindebele and English are the most common languages spoken in Harare.

Travel to Harare

Visitors fly into Harare via London (on BA and Air Zimbabwe ) or Johannesburg (on SAA or Kulula ). Regional ... MORE airlines include Air Zimbabwe , Air Botswana and Malawi Airlines (web site coming soon!). Long-distance buses travel between Harare and Blantyre ( Malawi ), Johannesburg ( South Africa ), and Lusaka ( Zambia ).

Minibuses and taxis will get you around Harare. Commuter trains are used by locals making their way from the townships into the city center. It's not advisable to walk around Harare at night.

Where to Stay: Meikles Hotel (high-end, central location); Bronte and Baines B&B (luxury/mid range, Harare suburbs); Imba Motombo and Wild Geese Lodge (luxury, outside city center); Small World Backpackers Lodge .

Where to Eat: Amanzi (International); Keg and Maiden (British Pub food); Shangri-La (Chinese); Kwa Mereki (African BBQ).

Harare's Attractions Harare Gardens and Africa Unity Square -- two parks that are worth checking out. Have a coke, enjoy street performers and watch Harare's youth stroll by. Tobacco Auctions -- as a major tobacco producer, the auctions are fascinating to watch, tours are available (April - October). Chapungu Sculpture Park -- a recreated Shona village with an excellent gallery showcasing Shona sculpture. National Botanic Gardens - 58 hectares of gorgeous flowers, trees and shrubs. National Gallery -- good display of African art and traveling exhibits. Harare International Festival of the Arts -- excellent cultural festival, not to be missed in April/May. More Info and Sources

Wikipedia on Harare Travel Africa Magazine article on Harare Lonely Planet - Harare Zimbabwe Travel Guide

Continue to 8 of 45 below. 08 of 45 Kampala, Uganda ••• Kampala Facts and Information Kampala skyline, Uganda's capital city, East Africa. Wikipedia Commons Basic Facts About Kampala

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda in East Africa. Over 1 million people live in Kampala making it Uganda's largest city. Kampala was the capital of the Bugandan Kingdom several hundred years ago. Today, Kampala is a modern looking city, with outlying townships spreading far beyond the original "seven hills" the city was built upon. Many of Kampala's more modern buildings were built in the 1980's since the city suffered significant destruction during the " Liberation War " between Tanzania and Uganda in the late 1970's. The war was fought to oust the brutal dictator, Idi Amin who was in power during that time.

Kampala is built close to the shores of Lake Victoria, the world's second largest fresh water lake and the source of Nile River. English, Swahili and Luganda are the predominant languages spoken in the streets of Kampala.

Claim to Fame

Kampala is one of Africa's "greenest" cities, with parks, gardens and golf courses in the city center. This ... MORE reputation may not last long however as Kampala is one of the fastest growing cities in Africa.

Travel to Kampala

Kampala is a relatively safe city, (despite the awful terrorist attack in 2010). You can walk the main streets at night without too much fear of getting mugged or robbed. The center of the city is relatively clean, the bars and nightclubs are fun, (check out the Kabalagala district) and there are plenty of restaurants. Most of the large banks, offices, big hotels and embassies are situated on Nakasero Hill.

At the bottom of Nakasero Hill, the streets get more congested with traffic as well as pedestrians and hawkers selling goods along the sidewalks. There are several Hindu temples and Mosques as the Indian community has a long history in Uganda and play a big role in the economy.

Kampala's attractions aren't too plentiful. It's a nice city to stay in and use as a base for exploring the country further (and the Indian food is great). But if you have a few afternoons to spare, you can visit the Kasubi Tombs , the Uganda Museum and follow the Kabaka's Trail , which takes you to the pretty Ssesibwa Falls on this cultural Bugandan heritage tour.

The best way to get around Kampala is by taxi or mini-bus.

More Kampala Travel Resources

Kampala City Guide Kampala Restaurant Guide Hotels in Kampala (and beyond) Kampala's Nightclubs and Bars

Sources and More Information

Kampala -- from Wikipedia Kampala Online -- rolex-watches-prices-in-south-africa-rid-0.html. rolex song download unblockedLocal Bloggers talk about what's going on in their city

Continue to 9 of 45 below. 09 of 45 Malabo, Equatorial Guinea's Capital City ••• Malabo, Equatorial Guinea's capital city, West Africa. lpisking/creative commons

Malabo, is Equatorial Guinea 's capital city. Despite being an oil-rich town, Malabo has a fairly poor infrastructure. Paved streets are few and far between and the Spanish colonial buildings are somewhat faded along the main avenues. But the markets are lively and there are some worthwhile sights to keep visitors occupied. Attractions include the Cathedral and exhibits at the French and Spanish Cultural centers. More about Malabo below ....

Equatorial Guinea 's capital Malabo is located just off the mainland on Bioko island. It's an oil town these days, with some high end, expensive hotels and lots of oil platforms dotted around the harbour. Because of the oil industry, Malabo is a fairly cosmopolitan city and there are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy especially along the main street in town, Ave de la Independencia. In January 2012 Malabo co-hosts the Africa Cup of Nations , so the town will be filled with fans and soccer players alike. Malabo is a relatively small ... MORE capital, with a population hovering around 100,000.

History The Portuguese explorer Fernão do Pó, was the first European to discover the island of Bioko in 1472. He called it Formosa ("Beautiful"), but it ended up being named after Fernao himself and officially colonized by Portugal in 1474. In 1778, the island, adjacent islets, and commercial rights to the mainland between the Niger and Ogoue Rivers were ceded to Spain in exchange for territory in the American continent. As an important settlement, Malabo started life as Port Clarence in 1827, after the British leased Bioko island from the Spanish, to establish a naval station to help fight slavery along the coast. Newly freed slaves called Fernandinos settled in the town and their descendents can still be found in Malabo today, speaking an Afro-Portuguese dialect. When the Spanish regained control of the island, it was renamed Santa Isabel and finally Malabo in 1973 after independence. Malabo became the capital city of Equatorial Guinea in 1969, replacing Bata on the mainland, (which is still a larger city to this day).

Malabo lost much of its soul during the 1970's under the then President Macías Nguema , who led a reign of terror on the dominant tribe of Bioko island, the Bubi. Talk to anyone in Malabo today and you'll find out that this period of darkness still affects them.

Malabo Today Despite being an oil-rich town, Malabo has a fairly poor infrastructure. Paved streets are few and far between and the Spanish colonial buildings are somewhat faded along the main avenues. But the markets are lively and there are some worthwhile sights to keep visitors occupied. Attractions include the Cathedral and exhibits at the French and Spanish Cultural centers.

Best Time to Visit Malabo The dry months between December and February is the best time to visit Equatorial Guinea . It is warm year round.

Recommended Hotels in Malabo Sofitel Sipopo Hilton Malabo Ibis Malabo Hotel Bahia Hotel Yoli

Getting to Malabo Most visitors will fly into the Saint Isabel International airport in Malabo.
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